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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Symphony No. 1 "Richard's Symphony"

dedicated to:
Richard Sassoon
who is the symphony of my life

The Complete Symphony No. 1 Podcast:
My Odeo Podcast
Note: the movements [in the podcast] are in reverse order. I cannot figure out yet how to fix this, try as I might.

Movement 1 "The Leela of Conjunctio"

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Movement 2 "Pure Land"

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Movement 3 "Nigredo"

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Movement 4 "Beloved"

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Movement 5 "Union"

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Friday, August 11, 2006

A Courtly Air

In college, I was in a wonderful Renaissance group called Consortium Artis Musicae (aka "CAM") directed by Dr. Robert White, much beloved by his students. Many years later "Lady Catherine" (at left), aka "Lady (high) C" was born. So here is a little taste of that era...

A Courtly Air
copyright 2006 KE Peace

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Music For a Wedding

Well, I almost humorously called these "Music for a highly improbable and possibly catastrophic event", with regards to me at any rate, but the truth is, I love the pageantry and symbolism of weddings.

There is also a spiritual symbolism to it -- the idea of soul's marriage to the Divine occurs in several traditions: the "Bride of Christ" in the Catholic tradition, Ramakrishna's "handmaiden of the Divine Mother", Mirabai's chaste wifely devotion to her Krishna, the Tibetan tantric union of the absolute quiescent feminine with the active masculine, and the Hindu tantric union of Shiva and Shakti are a few that come to mind.

Music for a Wedding: Bridal Procession
copyright 2006 KE Peace

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Music for a Wedding: Postlude
copyright 2006 KE Peace

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Psalm 62

Aria for soprano, flute, and string quartet
copyright 2006 KE Peace

words adapted from Psalm 62

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For God alone my soul waits in silence
He is my Rock; I'll not be moved!
He is my fortress and my salvation.
My Rock, my Hope, my God, my Fortress
And my salvation!

How long will you set upon a man -
To shatter him, all of you,
Like a leaning wall, a broken fence?

God has spoken, and I have heard His voice:
Power belongs to Me
Who am endless and timeless,
The Alpha and Omega,
Who am that am.

Oh, beloved ones,
Trust in Him always.
Pour out your heart to Him
As to a tender mother
And in His mighty arms
He will embrace you,
Hide you in his cloak.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

In the Lion's Mouth

Thinking of the early Christians who were thrown to the lions... I imagine their wrists in ropes as they are marched by Centurions in armor of leather and metal, poker-faced, unmoved. Pulled, pushed - dragged, perhaps- to the coliseum. And there they are, with lions who have been starved just for the occasion. Spectators laugh and cheer: this was, of course, high sport. Something strange happens in the mind and heart when you look death in the face and see his eyes settle... here, on you. I know because I have stood at the precipice. What happens when one jumps, falls, or is pushed over that inscrutable brink?
Dedicated to Edmund Ladouceur, Principal Organist of the First United Methodist Church of Colorado Springs with gratitude for his encouragement and kindness

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In The Lion's Mouth: music for organ copyright 2006 KE Peace