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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ceremonial Music

Royal March
brass sextet and timpani
copyright KE Peace 2007

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Mountaintop Fanfare

Dedicated to Ken and Judy Folsom with deep gratitude
for sharing their musicality and friendship

for orchestra
copyright 2007 KE Peace

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Art Songs

Ice Mountain

Evokes the crystalline wonder of a snow-clad mountain peak. I picture the vista from the top of a 14-er, the unsullied brightness of snow, breathe the thin pure air, and the state of mind all this creates: above all the mundane annoyances of the world below, forgetting even myself in this immensity and grandeur...

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The Lovely Fading Rose

dedicated to Richard Sassoon
who is so very many things to me

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Drifting petals
of the lovely fading rose
float quietly down,
a fragrant whisper drenched in rain.
Adieu, my heart, adieu.

dedicated to Emily Miller
friend, confidant, and fellow composer

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