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Friday, August 11, 2006

Music For a Wedding

Well, I almost humorously called these "Music for a highly improbable and possibly catastrophic event", with regards to me at any rate, but the truth is, I love the pageantry and symbolism of weddings.

There is also a spiritual symbolism to it -- the idea of soul's marriage to the Divine occurs in several traditions: the "Bride of Christ" in the Catholic tradition, Ramakrishna's "handmaiden of the Divine Mother", Mirabai's chaste wifely devotion to her Krishna, the Tibetan tantric union of the absolute quiescent feminine with the active masculine, and the Hindu tantric union of Shiva and Shakti are a few that come to mind.

Music for a Wedding: Bridal Procession
copyright 2006 KE Peace

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Music for a Wedding: Postlude
copyright 2006 KE Peace

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